Print and New Media Design

Environmental sustainability

The name Equest Design is derived from environmental quest. The business name underlies our passion and commitment to the environment through our business practices.

In our commitment to the environment, Equest Design has implemented sustainable work practices that ensures we have a minimal impact on the environment.

The sustainable work practices we have implemented are:

  • Sourcing our power supply from renewable energy sources
  • Setting computer equipment to sleep-mode after a short period of inactivity
  • Switching off all equipment at the power point when the office is unattended
  • Utilise recycled paper for office needs
  • Recycle all cardboard, paper, plastic, tin, and glass products
  • Recycle printer toner cartridges
  • Transfer artwork files electronically via email and FTP
  • Communicate with clients and suppliers electronically
  • Our office maximises natural light reducing the use of low energy lighting, it is properly insulated to minimise the use of 5 star energy rated heating/cooling units.